What is Defined as a Flood?

    Aventura Flood

    Flooding is a very common occurrence in many states in the U.S and is one of the worst things which can happen to your property. The unfortunate part is that there is really very little you can do to prevent it. The local authorities should take sufficient preventive measures to build appropriate flood defenses in flood prone areas. However, there are times when even these prove to be inadequate when faced with the fury of nature.

    What is a flood?

    A flood is essentially a natural disaster that can have long-term effects on individuals as well as the environment. If your property is near a river, in a floodplain, or in a coastal area, it can be a major concern. There are a number of factors that cause floods. It’s actually a combination of very heavy rainfall (which causes rivers and oceans to overflow). This can occur at any time and not only during the monsoons or winter. In most instances, floods take a few days to develop and occur when there is very heavy rainfall. The rivers overflow and the water spreads onto the floodplain (the banks).

    Flash Floods


    However, flash floods can also occur when there is excessive rainfall over a very short period of time. These occur without a warning and cause a lot of devastation, to life and property. Coastal areas too are at risk of floods, due to their proximity to the sea. Tidal waves and storms can bring large amounts of sea water on to the land. The situation can worsen if there is a combination of low atmospheric pressure, “spring tides” and storms.

    The Effects


    Flooding can be extremely dangerous as it can disrupt public & personal transport as it cuts off roads as well as railway lines. It also severs communication links when the telephone lines get damaged and sewage spills are very common. The standing water and soaked materials in a home result in bacteria, mold & viruses.


    They can trigger allergic reactions and cause disease long after the flood waters have abated. It can take months to remedy flood damage and you will have to call in professional water removal and restoration experts to handle the job in case your house gets flooded. They have the expertise, knowledge, experience and equipment to handle flood damage quickly and effectively, before it catalyzes the growth of mildew and mold on your property.