The Importance of Leak Detection

    Water leaks can be a major inconvenience in a homeowner’s life. Any type of hidden leaks are very troublesome as they can potentially cause extensive damage without even you realizing this is occurring. Generally, this happens when the leaks are small and not really visible to you. In most instances, these will be noticeable only when trained professionals use specialized detection equipment. However, there are certain signs of leakage that even you as a homeowner will be able to look at.

    Timely Attention

    The best way of containing the damage is to call in leak detection specialists such as the ones at Bullfrog Restoration. We have been in this business for a number of years and focus on providing our customers prompt, reliable, efficient and cost-effective services. With us on the job , you have peace of mind that the work will be completed in an expert manner and within the stipulated timeframe and budget. There are a number of different reasons why water leaks occur, such as:

    • Leaky pipes
    • Tree roots growing into the pipes
    • Frozen pipes
    • Ground settling
    • Aged/worn-out pipes

    Regardless of what the reason for the leak is, our expert leak detection team will be able to locate and repair it in an expert manner.

    Different Leak Detection Techniques

    Based on the extent of the leak, we use a range of leak detection techniques and tools. While many companies simply tear-away the drywall or will go ahead and dig up your entire yard, which can result in a lot of damage and additional expense, we work in a very specialized manner. We use highly advanced moisture-detection and leak-detection equipment and special cameras to identify where the leak is. This helps us identify the problem with the least amount of disruption and damage to your property.

    Avoid High Expenses

    Know that any kind of water leakage in pipes can result in extensive structural damage. In some cases, furniture and personal belongings that have been stored in different places can also get damaged. Don’t risk all of this- simply call Bullfrog Restoration to detect and remedy all types of water leaks on your residential property. We have the expertise, skill and the resources to provide excellent leak detection services that are very reasonably priced too. For more information, call us on 888.287.9484. Alternatively mail us at