Kitchen Fires and How to Prevent Them

    Kitchen Fire Miami

    Fires that start in the kitchen are one of the major causes of house fires and there’s is a lot that can be done to prevent them. It’s not really possible to get rid of all the risks that lead to a kitchen fire, but it’s definitely possible to minimize these risks by maintaining your kitchen and removing all the potential hazards. Here are some prevention tips that will help in keeping your kitchen safe:

    • Ensure that the appliances are clean, in good repair and serviced regularly. Make it a point to clean out all the crumbs from the toaster oven/toaster, on a regular basis. Clean the oven and wipe-out the microwave
    • Unplug all appliances that start acting up. When electric appliances are not being used, make sure you unplug them. Equipment such as mixers, coffee makers, toaster ovens etc continue drawing electricity even when they have been switched-off. Any kind of fault in the wiring or overheating of the thermostat can lead to a fire break-out
    • You should install a reliable smoke detector near the kitchen (not inside). It’s important for you to be able to sense a fire in the kitchen and not have the alarm going off every time there is excessive steam or smoke in the kitchen
    • Be cautious while lighting the gas stove/burner/pilot light. Always follow manufacturer instructions
    • Never use any metal ware in the microwave. It can let off sparks and lead to a fire/ cause significant damage to the appliance
    • Do not overfill pans and posts with grease or oil- both can splatter when they are hot and can cause a fire
    • Grease buildup can be highly flammable- its best to clean up all the spills and keep your stove clean at all times- this helps keep fire at bay
    • Avoid wearing long-sleeved clothes while cooking and if you do, ensure that you roll them up while you are by the stove. If you have long hair, tie it back while cooking
    • Cooking food shouldn’t be left unattended. This is especially true if you are cooking in grease. If you have to answer a call or leave the house while you are cooking, turn off the burner before you leave the kitchen

    It’s also important to keep all paper towels, pot holders and dish towels away from your stove. If you leave a burner on accidentally, the buildup of heat can ignite the combustibles that are on top of or near the oven.