How to Destroy Mold in the Bathroom

    Bathroom Mold Miami
    Mold is pesky and grows in almost any place that is humid. Bathroom mold is caused by bacteria that grow there. The hot and humid environment is perfect for it to grow and thrive in. Just regular bathing or showering is more than enough to encourage the growth of mold in these spaces.

    How to Find the Mold

    It’s not always easy to spot the mold in the bathroom. Conduct a thorough check on all the hidden areas such bath and shower fixtures, under sinks, around exhaust fans, behind doors as well as in basements & crawl spaces under bathrooms. The mold may start growing in these areas, but may spread to another room/s too.

    Preventing Mold Growth

    Though it’s important to know how to get rid of mold in the bathroom, just like most other things, in this case too-prevention is better than cure. Here are a few things you can do to prevent the mold from growing there:

    • Switch on the ventilation fan every time you bathe or shower and let it continue ventilating the place for at least 30 minutes after you finish bathing. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, it’s important to get one installed
    • Keep the humidity levels in the indoor spaces of your home below 50% – a dehumidifier or air-conditioner will help
    • Install a mildew-resistant curtain and ensure that you clean/ replace it frequently
    • Do not keep loofahs, shower gels or toys in the shower. These become the perfect places for mold growth
    • Wash all the bathroom rugs frequently

    Destroying Mold

    If you already have a mold growth problem, it’s possible to use some DIY methods to get rid of it (as long as the infestation is not too severe). These are the things you can do:

    • Strip away & replace all the sealant or caulking that shows signs of mold growth
    • Clean the bathroom with mold-eliminating products such as vinegar, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide.
    • Open the doors and windows while cleaning the space- fresh air helps dry-out the mold

    If the mold infestation is very severe and covers an area more than 10 sq ft, its best to call in professionals to clean out the mold. If you notice it creeping into the insulation and walls, that’s when you will need experts to tackle the job for you.