Getting the Mold Removed: A Serious Health Issue

    Mold Drywall
    Some may think that the innocent looking mold in your home is harmless but it is the direct opposite. You can eliminate mold by cleaning it with bleach or other cleaning products. Mold can become airborne and cause health issues like fungal pneumonia especially in people that have weak immune systems. The ill, elderly and the very young can be affected by mold. It can cause flu-like symptoms, skin rashes, eye irritation, birth defects and sometimes cancer if exposed to toxins. Mold is not something you want welcome in your house.

    But how can you get rid of mold?

    There are cleaning companies that specialize in the removal of mold. Air duct cleaning is a popular process that cleans the air in the home. Mold removal is a different process. Air duct cleaning takes a day but mold removal can take days. Your situation will determine which process to use.

    Mold can appear anywhere and it has been known to show up in new homes. This is a headache for the builder so there are some proper techniques that should be used. Mold can develop from a moisture or water problem. You need to determine where the water and moisture is coming from first. Mold does not always grow in one area so it must be determined how much you are dealing with.

    So what happens when a company that specializes in mold remediation comes to your home?

    The first thing you will notice is men in white Hazmat suits. This the usual procedure when dealing with any potential toxic exposure. Next, they will lay down plastic sheeting to help keep your home clean while they run hoses through the home. The first day they will use an EPA-approved liquid which kills mold called biocide. The affected areas are treated with this chemical and the workers leave and return the next day. The biocide works to kill mold spores. The next day they return to whitewash the areas affected with mole with a paint that is designed to encapsulate the mold. It will not allow any more mold to grow in the home. The remediation company should spray beyond the mold areas to make certain no more mold grows. It sounds more like mold extermination than removal. It also depends on how much mold you have in the home.

    Mold removal essentially involves three steps:

    1. Identify the mold (cut off the source of water and moisture that produces the mold)
    2. Eradicate the mold
    3. Encapsulate the mold

    Once this is done you can be rid of what can cause some serious health issues.